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The GIA Event will recognize petroleum engineer professionals, companies and institutes that are making the difference to achieve geothermal energy at scale for both: Power Generation and Direct Heat.

The categories for nomination are

Commercial Models

New Commercial models to enable the development of geothermal projects

Reservoir Engineering
Innovative models

Heat Flow Modeling, Resources Qualification, Rock Stimulation .... Case Studies 


Innovative decarbonization studies and projects 

Assets Repurposing

Successful Oil and gas asset repurposing case studies 

Digital Innovation

Intelligent and Automated workflows and case studies 

Cross-Industry Collaboration Model

Open Economies and multi-industry energy development 

Emerging Innovation

Enhanced and Advanced Geothermal Systems technology

Well Construction Technology

Unlocking the heat potential through new technology 

Iconic Influencers and SMEs

Long track record in the geothermal industry

Nominations Open in Q2 2023

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